This page briefly reviews the steps involved in the design and development of your project. Although each project and client is different, we stay true to our process. This process ensures a quality product, effective communication at each step, and start to finish satisfaction for you.



The first step involves gathering information from you, gaining an understanding of the vision of your project, and offering our expertise to help turn your ideas into a workable plan.  This may be the most important step as it is critical to begin with an agreed upon end in mind to save time and confusion later.


Once we have a shared vision of what your project should look like, we go to work on the actual design and development piece.  This would include any hosting setup, app programming, graphic layout, website coding, etc.  We are aware that this can be a period of concern for you as the project feels out of your hands.  We take special care to communicate with you as we move throughout this step so you are engaged in process.


In order to ensure a finished product we can both be proud of, a thorough review and approval step is needed.  Depending on the project needs and scope we provide sample images, hands on access, or physical proofs for you to verify it is what you envisioned.  Our experience has taught us that the better we do in step 1, the easier this step tends to be.  We don't more to the launch/deployment step until we are both satisfied.


At last it's time to go live and deliver your finished project to your target audience.  This can be as easy as submitting your finished app for public download, launching your website, or taking delivery of printed material.  Prior to this point we have carefully checked for errors, bugs, and typos and are ready to show off your brand.

Follow-up & Support

This step is where we really separate ourselves from our competitors.  This can be the hardest part of the process for you because you are dealing with a new look and a new way to communicate with your audience.  We don't want what we've created for you to create a negative experience as your customers or prospects begin interacting with your website, app, or branding materials.  We follow up with you after the project is completed to make sure you are comfortable and confident with your product and are available for your support.